Inspired by the Sketch Dailies topic today, and how much I loved using ink yesterday I created this! I know how nice it is to snuggle with your best friend, especially if it is sort of smelly, but happy with a tail.

I’ve been super excited about trying out inking since I went to Icon a week or so ago, and when I saw that Yuko Shimizu had some videos on skillshare that just came out, I had to watch them. This was the result; it was super fun to work with ink, quick but… MESSY. My hands are covered, hah!

Finishing up some #sketches from our trip! #seattle #artstagram #illustration #watercolor #ink #journal

OoOoooh, what could these be??? #artistpreview #tmnt

Doll spot illustration from a storybook I’m working on!

Commissioned #illustration, #family time! #watercolour #watercolor

Nighttime costume sketching! #sketchbook

I’ve been working on some comic con illustrations and took a break to sketch out Zelda from link the past.